Nintendo Switch: AKA The Zelda Machine

3 weeks before the Nintendo Switch was released is when I started looking at it seriously. A portable console that you can play on your TV or in your hand. Detachable controllers for 2-player gaming on the go. A new Zelda game. On a whim, after getting caught up in some of the hype I decided to pre-order mine.


Like a kid, I woke up early on release day. No need for an alarm. I was too excited. It felt like Christmas except I was in charge of my own destiny and could drive myself to collect my present instead of having to wait for my parents to wake up and give it to me. 

A quick social media post, a 5 minute drive home later, and I was home unboxing my new toy.

I have only ever played two Zelda games before (Ocarina of Time and A Link Between Worlds), and only for a few hours each. Breath of the Wild would be my first Zelda game that I intended on putting some serious time into.


After 10 minutes, I knew I was onto something special...

Jump to 4 months later accumulating almost 100hrs of playtime, and I can say this. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the greatest game I have ever played.


Big call, I know. 


This game makes me feel like a kid again. In this age of Gen Y gaming where you have your hand held at every step, guided by waypoints and expositional story telling dialogue, it's refreshing (and surprising) to find a game that pretty much makes you go out into the world and figure out what to do yourself. It reminds me of gaming in my younger years when you had to put serious time into games to figure out how to play them. Because of that, you formed a bond with the game. An emotional attachment knowing that you've earned the right to be as good as you are at this game. 


I love Breath of the Wild. Every square inch feels like it has been lovingly crafted and pored upon. On the surface, it seems rather simplistic. But after a few hours, you start to realize just how deep the rabbit hole can go should you want it to. There is no "right" way to play. You literally can go anywhere when you start. I went right. Some people go left. Others, straight. Result is we all have different stories to tell. There have been times where I've not had a lot of time to play, but I'll jump in just to climb that big mountain in my way. Why? I dunno, just wanted to do it. Was there anything up there? Not really, but the view was amazing and I could see somewhere I needed to go check out next so.......worth it. 


There was never actually a game like this when I was a kid, but this game perfectly recreates that same feeling of joy I remember of experiencing games for the first time, just with the complexity to suit an adult.


This is why anyone should buy a Nintendo Switch. Sure, there's other games like Mario Kart which are great fun, but we've all played that before, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the unique reason to buy this system.